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Sewing Desk Sofa Table

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sewing desk sofa tableAfter
sewing desk sofa table After
  1. Sand the table thoroughly.
  2. Paint the front and the legs with Rust-Oleum® Painter's® Touch Ultra Cover 2X Satin Spray in Satin French Lilac and let dry.
  3. Next, on the top of the table, use the American Accents® Craft & Hobby Enamel in Gold. Use a small brush and paint in grooves of carving, and around drawers then painting the drawer pulls also.
  4. Last, for a protective finish, use Rust-Oleum® Painter's® Touch Ultra Cover 2X Clear Spray in Matte on the whole table.
  5. Have glass cut to fit the top to protect and keep the top nice.
  6. Optional: Drill holes in the legs and insert casters.