News and Press Releases

  • Deck

    The Perfect Solution For Deck And Patio Revival

    Rust-Oleum Restore 4X is four times thicker than ordinary paint or stain and is designed to refinish most wooden decks, composite decks and concrete patios. It is the perfect solution to breathe life back into decks that are structurally sound, but aesthetically unappealing. Rust-Oleum Restore 4X seals hairline cracks and the smooth finish is safe to walk on with bare feet. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces including concrete walkways, steps, patios, porches and more.

  • Mold Killing Primer

    This Primer Is Killer

    Mold can be a serious problem, causing unsightly stains, lingering odors, potential structural and surface damage and adverse health effects for allergy sensitive individuals. Now, Rust-Oleum introduces Zinsser Mold Killing Primer, a mold killing primer that kills mold, mildew and odor causing bacteria while priming the surface at the same time.

  • Mirror Finish

    Admire Your Reflection With Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect Spray

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, or vase, or lamp or whatever you can imagine with Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect Spray Paint, a coating that transforms glass and clear acrylic surfaces with an elegant, reflective finish perfect for everyday and holiday projects. With the new Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect Spray Paint, do-it-yourselfers can create a reflective mirror-like finish in one easy step by applying the product to the reverse side of glass.

  • FlexiDip on Car Wheels

    A Durable Paint Designed For Flexibility

    From automotive wheels to home décor items, do-it-yourselfers can let their imaginations run wild with the infinite customization options of Rust-Oleum’s latest innovation: FlexiDip. Rust-Oleum FlexiDip is a flexible, removable rubber coating designed for decorative appeal, grip and comfort. This innovative, peelable paint is extremely durable, and can be applied and then easily removed once the do-it-yourselfer chooses, without leaving behind any sticky residue.

  • Citradel logo

    Rust-Oleum Acquires Citadel Floor Coating Business

    Citadel’s unique coatings for concrete floors combine the benefits of lasting protection and beauty with quick return to service and easy application. The company’s Citadel® brand is marketed to professional contractors, while its Rock Solid® brand is targeted to the DIY market. Citadel also offers a premium line of Rock Solid exterior wood care products that provide performance advantages over conventional stains.