DIF Ultra Concentrated Wallpaper Stripper

New Concentrated, Eco-friendly Formula Now Available

Somerset, N.J.For more than 35 years, DIF Liquid Concentrate Wallpaper Stripper has been the contractor’s first choice for economical, reliable wallcovering removal.  Now there’s a new super-concentrated fast-acting formula that offers the reliable performance that has been synonymous with DIF. Introducing DIF Ultra Concentrate Wallpaper Stripper.

252648 - Clear

Five times more concentrated than original DIF Liquid Concentrate, this powerful formula penetrates wall-covering to remove even the most stubborn adhesives in just two to five minutes. Non-staining DIF Ultra is biodegradable, odorless and contains no VOCs, making it an eco-friendly choice for wallcovering removal.

Economical DIF Ultra is available in a convenient 16 oz. size with a one ounce measuring cap for easy dilution.  One bottle makes up to 16 gallons of solution -- enough to remove wallpaper in four large rooms.

DIF Wallpaper Strippers are also available in three ready-to-use formulas: DIF GEL, the tough job stripper that clings and stays wet longer, DIF Fast Acting, an all purpose, no drip formula, and new DIF Quick, a super fast working, eco-friendly product that removes wallpaper in two minutes or less.