“Remodel” Your Kitchen for Less

A kitchen remodel is one of the most common and expensive upgrades made by homeowners. New appliances, countertops, and cabinets can be budget busters for many families. However, you can have a designer kitchen at a “real world” price! Now you can “remodel” your kitchen at a fraction of the cost. All it takes some paint and a little imagination. Here are a few ideas from the decorating experts at Rust-Oleum:

PR Kitchen Rem• Give old appliances a sleek modern look. Have your appliances seen better days? Are scratches, chips and discoloration making them look old and tired? Rust-Oleum Specialty Stainless Steel Paint is great for updating the look of your appliances, and much less expensive than the cost of replacement. Stainless Steel Paint gives appliances, like the outside of dishwashers and fridges a sleek, modern appearance for about $30! The paint includes real stainless steel pigments, giving the look of the factory-like finish, without the expensive price tag. Plus, unlike real stainless steel, it’s fingerprint resistant – and easier to keep clean. If a white or black appliance is what you are looking for, also try Rust-Oleum’s line of Appliance Epoxy paints. Appliance Epoxy is available in an easy-to-use spray and also traditional brush-on formulas.

• Change the look of your kitchen countertops. Don’t spend thousands buying new countertops when you can refinish your existing ones for less than a $100 with Rust-Oleum Countertop Coating. It’s designed to give laminate countertops, or even laminate cabinets, a “like new” look. It’s tintable to any one of 16 colors such as Haystack, Cobblestone and Putty, Countertop Coating is the perfect way to coordinate your counters with your existing kitchen color scheme.

• Create designer hardware. Instead of replacing your cabinets, update their look with new knobs and handles. Visit your local garage sale, flea market, or discount store, buy cabinet hardware and paint to accent your “remodeled” kitchen. Try giving knobs as unique look with Universal Silver or the new Copper Hammered. Or, try Universal Gloss Black to give pieces the sophisticated, upscale appearance you see in specialty stores.

• Make a custom message center. Because of busy schedules, message centers give families a great way to communicate, and easily keep track of telephone messages, to-do lists and appointments. Instead of purchasing a standard board, consider creating one to match your kitchen décor. Use Rust-Oleum Magnetic Primer and topcoat with Chalkboard Paint for a magnetic, writable-erasable area in your kitchen. With Rust-Oleum’s new Chalkboard Tint Base, you can even choose from up to 12 colors for your chalkboard paint. Try painting a small portion of your wall or the back of your pantry door with attention-grabbing Garnet and Banner Blue, or in classic colors like Latte and Coffee.