Cabinet Transformations FAQs

Cabinet Transformations Faqs

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    If I'm Painting Over Raw Wood, What Additional Steps Must I Take To Ensure Proper Absorption Of The Bond Coat?

    If painting over raw wood, it is recommended to use a primer such as Zinsser® Bulls Eye® 1-2-3 Primer to properly seal the surface. You may need to lightly sand away any raised wood grain.
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    Should I Paint The Inside Of My Cabinet Frames Or Drawers?

    It is recommended that all cabinet frames, doors and drawers be coated with two even coats. There is not, however, enough Bond Coat to cover the inside of the cabinet frames or drawers. To ensure a clean, even look, tape the insides edges of each cabinet frame with smooth painter’s tape. Be sure all edges are pressed down to ensure that none of the coating will be able to bleed through.
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    How Do I Refinish Around Stoves, Dishwashers And Other Appliances?

    Mask stoves, dishwashers and other appliances with smooth painter’s tape. Be diligent about pressing in the edge to ensure none of the coating will bleed through. Place drop cloths over countertop surfaces and floors.
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    How can I avoid potential appearance/coverage problems

    Apply the Bond Coat and Protective Top Coat in even coats brushing with the grain of the wood. Be sure to avoid drips. If drips occur, brush over while wet or clean up with water when dry. Use a premium-quality paint brush throughout the application process for a smooth finish. If applying a Cabinet Transformations color that highly contrasts with the wood that you are painting, additional coats of the Bond Coat may be required.
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    Where Can I Learn More About Additional Glazing Techniques?

    The traditional glazing technique is used in the Instructional Pamphlet directions.