EPOXYSHIELD Garage Floor Coating FAQs

EPOXYSHIELD Garage Floor Coating Faqs

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    Can I use the Garage Floor Coating in a basement?

    The EPOXYSHIELD Garage Floor Coating may be used in a basement. Be sure to follow the enclosed instructions, ensure the concrete is in sound and clean condition, and repair any damaged areas prior to coating. When using the product indoors, do not use the enclosed concrete etch; instead use a TSP solution or TSP substitute.
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    Can I use the Premium Clear Coating in a basement?

    We do not recommend using the EPOXYSHIELD Premium Clear Coating on a basement floor.
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    How do I know my floor is clean enough to be coated?

    Prior to coating the surface, we recommend cleaning with a degreaser, such as EPOXYSHIELD Heavy-Duty Degreaser. Scrub degreaser solution into the floor with a short-bristled scrub brush to remove all surface grease, dirt, and oil. Rinse several times. Run your hand over the surface – if any residue appears on your hand, the floor should be cleaned and rinsed again until no residue is present.
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    Can my floor be coated if it's still damp from cleaning?

    The floor must be completely dry prior to coating -- we recommend allowing at least 8 hours drying time. A floor squeegee may be used to remove water from the surface and help expedite drying time.