An Easier Way to a “New” Driveway

Rust-Oleum Introduces Rust-Oleum® EPOXY SHIELD® Blacktop Coatings

Vernon Hills, IL - Homeowners across the country are taking on home improvement projects in record number – and saving a bundle of money. But, one of the most common outdoor projects is still among the most dreaded – asphalt driveway sealing. The job is messy, smelly and the sealers are often difficult to apply.

But now, thanks to Rust-Oleum innovation, a new premium system of blacktop products is giving homeowners an easier way to seal and repair their driveways. Rust-Oleum is proud to introduce EPOXY SHIELD Blacktop Coatings.

Epoxy Blacktop“Over 18-million homes in the United States have asphalt driveways. While many homeowners seal their driveways themselves, others opt to hire a contractor because conventional blacktop products are messy, difficult to apply and just as difficult to clean up,” said Ashley Lehrmann, brand manager for Rust-Oleum High Performance Coatings. “EPOXY SHIELD Blacktop Coating is water-based for low odor and easy clean-up and can be applied with a roller to make the job easier. They also last longer than conventional asphalt coatings, so driveways require less frequent resurfacing.”

Formulated with an advanced acrylic resin combined with recycled rubber tires, EPOXY SHIELD Blacktop Coating protects driveways from snow, ice, heat and the harshest of weather conditions. It revitalizes worn and faded driveways to a like-new, jet black appearance. EPOXY SHIELD Blacktop Coating contains no coal tar or asphalt like many asphalt sealers and can be applied with a brush or roller, so application is as easy as painting. Its durable, low-odor water-based formula makes clean-up soap and water easy, too.

Since the best way to begin any resurfacing project is with a clean, crack-free surface, the new line also includes two products compatible with Blacktop Coating.

Blacktop Cleaner & Degreaser cleans tough grease and oil stains, while promoting adhesion of Blacktop Coating. The concentrated formula is solvent-free, making it a better choice for the environment than traditional driveway cleaners, and features a squirt top lid for easier application.

EPOXY SHIELD Blacktop Patch & Crack Filler is two products in one. The dry black powder can be mixed with water to form a trowelable patch or a pourable crack filler. Ideal for use on small repairs, or larger cracks and damaged areas, the easy to use industrial grade formula forms a bond stronger than asphalt and lasts longer than typical asphalt patch and repair products.

Find EPOXY SHIELD Blacktop Coatings at home centers, discount and hardware stores nationwide.