Dancing In The Rain

Rust-Oleum Introduces NeverWet Boot And Shoe, A Superhydrophobic, Water Repelling Treatment

Neverwet boot and shoeVernon Hills, Ill., Jul. 16, 2014 – It’s no secret that water, mud and slush can severely damage a pair of shoes. Now, instead of avoiding puddles, everyone can walk right through them using Rust-Oleum NeverWet Boot and Shoe water repelling treatment. This revolutionary, supherhydrophobic treatment protects materials from the harshest of weather conditions without altering their appearance. 

      NeverWet Boot and Shoe water repelling fabric treatment is applied in one simple step and dries to a crystal clear finish that will not change the look or feel of the item. The treatment forms a protective barrier around the individual fibers on the surface and will protect fabrics such as suede, polyester, polyester/cotton blends, canvas and leather from water damage. 

      “Everyone has been there. You step in a puddle, and your shoe is completely soaked,” said Sean Lavery, a brand manager for Rust-Oleum. “Now with NeverWet Boot and Shoe this is no longer an issue. This treatment will keep your shoes clean and dry in any weather condition.” 

      NeverWet Boot and Shoe is applied in a single step, using a simple trigger spray. It is the ideal application for tennis shoes, athletic shoes, winter boots and more. Allow the treated item to dry for 24 hours before exposing the surface to water.