The Only Shellac Producer In North America

Rust-Oleum has Revitalized Nature

Vernon Hills, Ill., June 10, 2014 Since as far back as the 17th century shellac has been used by painters and craftsmen to create masterpieces and protect the finish of interior woodwork. Shellac, a classic wood finish is produced by a tiny insect, the Lac Bug, native to India and Thailand. It is a natural resin secreted by the insects on specific trees found in Southeast Asia. The dark, reddish-brown resin is harvested, crushed, rinsed and processed. The resin can be tinted to bring out rich, natural colors in wood, or the seedlac can be bleached to remove color for a clear finish.

         In 1849, Zinsser established the first United States shellac bleachery. Today, Rust-Oleum Corporation is the only company in North America that manufacturers shellac. The seedlac shellac is bleached in Rust-Oleum’s Attleboro, MA manufacturing facility in order to manufacture Zinsser Bulls Eye Clear Shellac and B-I-N, a stain blocking primer. The shellac in the primer builds a protective barrier that both stains and odors cannot penetrate, effectively sealing everything from water stains, to pesky pet odors and lingering smoke. It is user-friendly and will dry to the touch in minutes making it unlike any other protective finish.

         “Shellac has been around for hundreds of years and is still relevant,” said Jim Stinner, vice president of marketing for Rust-Oleum. “There are many uses for the protective finish and we’re proud that Attleboro is the only plant to manufacture shellac in North America.”

         Shellac is an all-natural resin that is an environmentally renewable resource that is non-toxic, making the finish ideal for cribs, high chairs, and toys. In addition, food grade shellac is certified by the Food and Drug Administration as an edible, glazed coating used for candy and pharmaceuticals.