The Perfect Solution For Deck And Patio Revival

Rust-Oleum Introduces Restore 4X, a Coating Designed to Make Old Decks Look New

Vernon Hills, Ill., Feb. 25, 2014 – Outdoor living spaces are considered an extended family room for most homeowners. Unfortunately they require a lot of maintenance due to harsh weather conditions and constant foot traffic. Without regular maintenance, decks can become splintered and cracked often forcing homeowners to pay the hefty price tag of replacement. Fortunately, thanks to new coatings technology, homeowners can revive their tired-looking deck with Rust-Oleum Restore 4X. This easy-to-apply coating refreshes surfaces while offering long-lasting protection to preserve the deck for years to come. 

Rust-Oleum Restore 4X is four times thicker than ordinary paint or stain and is designed to refinish most wooden decks, composite decks and concrete patios. It is the perfect solution to breathe life back into decks that are structurally sound, but aesthetically unappealing. Rust-Oleum Restore 4X seals hairline cracks and the smooth finish is safe to walk on with bare feet. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces including concrete walkways, steps, patios, porches and more. 

“Homeowners should be able to enjoy their outdoor space without the worry of upkeep,” said Joel Tressler, director of marketing for Rust-Oleum Restore. “Rust-Oleum Restore 4X outlasts ordinary paint and stains, and will leave do-it-yourselfers with less maintenance and more time to enjoy their living space.”

With Rust-Oleum Restore 4X, do-it-yourselfers can preserve their deck or patio in three easy steps: 

• Step 1: Clean the surface with Restore deck and concrete cleaner.
• Step 2: Apply the first coat of Restore 4X on to the surface using a standard 3/8” nap roller.
• Step 3: Allow the first coat to dry for 3-6 hours and apply a second coat.

Most deck cover projects can be completed in a weekend and the surface can be walked on within 24 hours.

Rust-Oleum Restore 4X can be custom-tinted to 60 popular colors so homeowners can achieve any look they desire. It is available in one-gallon cans that cover approximately 80 square feet with two coats, and five-gallon pails that cover approximately 400 square feet with two coats.