6 reasons to coat your garage floor

Posted By: Vince Pierri | 05/17/2016

Experts say giving your garage floor a high quality coating can pay off in ways you might not imagine. 

Why would anyone paint their garage floor? That gray, oil stained slab of cracked concrete is just a place to park your car, right? Who cares about how it looks.

Amy Mickschl, brand manager at Rust-Oleum says the garage isn’t what it used to be. 

“For so many homeowners, the garage has become an extension of their living space,” Mickschl says. “It’s become the workshop, home gym or extra space for family parties. A coated floor goes a long way in transforming the space into a new place to gather.”

Here are six reasons you should consider the project. Mickschl says the effort will pay off in more ways than you might imagine.  

  1. It helps keep your garage and cars clean. As concrete is in a continual state of breaking down, dust particles are constantly landing on your car and everything else in the garage. Coating the floor will stop dust in its tracks. 
  2. That said, a clean garage floor means cleaner floors inside your home since the family isn’t dragging in oily residue or fine dust particles. 
  3. A coated floor is super-easy to keep clean. Even though concrete seems like a hard surface it’s actually very porous. So when oil or some other fluid drips, it soaks into the surface creating a permanent stain. If the floor is coated, drips and spills wipe right off. 
  4. For many people, the garage has become a bonus living area—a space for parties, workshops or even home gyms. If you’re going to spend hours in that space, why not make it attractive?
  5. Appearance is everything. A gleaming, glossy, colorful floor will make your garage look bigger and fancier giving your neighbors garage envy. 
  6. When it comes time to sell your home, a coated garage floor sends a positive vibe to potential buyers. If the owner paid this much attention to their garage floor, it’s a sign the place was maintained well. 

There are dozens of products that make it easy for DIYers to get a professional finish for less money in just a weekend. 

New to the national market is RockSolid, from Rust-Oleum. It’s an industrial strength coating that’s easy to apply leaving a showroom quality floor that you can drive on in just 24 hours. It’s flexible to prevent cracking, is 20 times stronger than epoxy and comes in a variety of colors including a gleaming metallic. 

“This product is simple to use and the kit contains everything you need to complete the project,” Mickschl says. “If you can paint a wall, you can paint a floor.”