Forsyth, Georgia

Plastics Manufacturing Floor

Products : 8000 System OverKrete® OP - Type I - 100% Solids Epoxy - Orange Peel Coating, S6511 System Penetrating Prime & Seal Primer

Encore Plastics
Encore Plastics

The floor coating was peeling off the manufacturing facility floor of a plastics manufacturer, creating the potential for a workplace accident. The 50,000 square foot facility had moderate to mild foot and vehicle traffic and needed a coating that was durable enough to withstand these conditions. Due to cost and time constraints, the company decided to re-coat the floors using in-house maintenance personnel. A Rust-Oleum representative and flooring specialists trained the company's maintenance crew on the surface preparation and application process

After shot blasting the surface to remove the existing coating, the crew applied Rust-Oleum's Concrete Protection System's Penetrating Prime & Seal Primer as the first coat on the floor. Penetrating Prime & Seal Primer fills holes and reduces the risk of bubbling within the topcoat. The second coat was the 8000 System OverKrete® with and orange peel finish which can handle severe foot and mechanical traffic as well as some chemical abuse. The project looked incredible when completed and the company saved a significant amount of money by using their own in-house crew and coatings that could be easily applied. The Penetrating Prime & Seal Primer along with the 8000 System OverKrete® OP established a lasting future for the warehouse floor and brought a polished, fresh look to the manufacturing facility.

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