Major Wine Producer

Products : 9800 System DTM Urethane Mastic, 3500 System Cleaner/Degreaser

Major Wine Producer
Major Wine Producer

A California wine producer was having severe issues with fading, spot rusting and chalking at their processing facility. The competitive product they were using on exterior surfaces was not effectively coating the facility tanks and pipe gallery because it was losing its color after only six months. The local Rust-Oleum representative inspected the area and worked with the facility managers to find a coating that could withstand the California sun.

First, the producer used Rust-Oleum Pure Strength 3500 System Cleaner/Degreaser on the tanks and pipes to clean away contaminants and prepare the surface for painting. Next, the 9800 System DTM Urethane Mastic coating was chosen for its excellent corrosion characteristics.  The coating can be appled direct to metal without a primer and maintains it's glossy appearance and color for many years.  The 9800 System was applied to the exterior tanks and pipes. Six years after the job was completed, the tanks were inspected again and the coating showed excellent adhesion and color retention. Due to the outstanding performance of the 9800 System DTM Urethane Mastic most of the other maintenance projects at the wine production facility now use Rust-Oleum coatings.

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