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Ontario Power Generation
Ontario Power Generation

Ontario Power Generation was interested in an environmentally friendly coating with a good service life to coat 36 vessels in their tank farm in Pickering, Ontario. After an on-site inspection by their Rust-Oleum representative, durability and rust prevention were noted as major factors in coating selection because of the harsh Canadian climate. The tanks had severe rusting and chalking problems that needed to be addressed immediately.

Other competitive brands were reviewed, but the test data of Rust-Oleum’s Noxyde Elastomeric Acrylic Coating proved to be the best option for the power company. Noxyde was the coating of choice because of its field friendly application and low VOC level of 5 g/l. Noxyde is a Mathys brand coating, which has a 30+ year track record for its protection against corrosion. Rust-Oleum also included information about the performance of Noxyde in exposed nuclear environments, along with a 10 year warranty for this project. Using an airless sprayer, Noxyde was applied in a crisp, white finish leaving the tank farm looking clean and new. Ontario Power Generation was pleased with the finished project that Noxyde provided and looks forward to a rust-free work environment in the future.

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