Los Angeles, California

Parks Painting

Products : MetalMax® DTM Acrylic Enamel, Smart Prime®

Parks Painting
Parks Painting
Los Angeles County experiences warm, sunny weather year round, making it a challenge to find a coating that will retain its color and not chalk and fade. Parks Painting, a paint contractor in Los Angeles, was working on a local shopping center’s metal roof and was having a hard time getting a uniform finish. The previous coating was not able to withstand the sunlight and suffered severe oxidation. The roof was inspected by a local Rust-Oleum representative and a product was recommended to achieve a smooth finish that would restore the roof’s appearance and withstand the environmental conditions.

The surface was primed using Rust-Oleum's Zinsser Smart Prime to fill the gaps and leave an even surface for the topcoat. Sierra Perforamance MetalMax DTM Acrylic Enamel, a water-based acrylic that provides excellent corrosion and humidity resistance, was then applied as the topcoat. The combination of the primer and topcoat solved the issue of oxidation and turned the previous sandpaper-like roof into a smooth finish. Today, the metal roof panels still have a beautiful, uniform finish and there have not been any issues with chalking or fading since the original project.

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