Rust-Oleum Project

A Patina Finish is Oh-So-Sytlish

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a patina finish is oh so stylishAfter
a patina finish is oh so stylish After

  1. Head over to your local home and garden center or craft store and select an unglazed ceramic, stone or plaster column plant stand and your favorite plant.
  2. Choose a well-ventilated area (preferably outside) and cover nearby objects with drop cloths to protect them from spray mist.
  3. Remove dust with soap and water, rinse and let dry.
  4. If the surface is porous, apply the Rust-Oleum® Painter's® Touch Ultra Cover 2X Primer Spray. It’s easy, just read the label.
  5. Use the American Accents® Authentic Patina Finish Kit (it is a two-part process). Follow instructions listed on the Patina Kit. Basically, you apply the bronze base color to the column.
  6. Next apply the green top coat. Follow the instructions as listed. For a rich authentic look, leave the top coat in the crevices for extra accent. This technique is totally personal, you can make it as green or as bronze as you like! Allow to dry.
  7. Place the column indoors or outdoors and give yourself a pat on the back for being so creative.