Rust-Oleum Project

Add Dimension to Your Wall

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  • Add Window Boxes to Your Home
  1. Prepare your work space by cracking a window (not literally!) and turning on a fan to increase ventilation. Cover nearby valuables (barking dogs, antsy kids, etc.) with drop cloths to protect them from any messy projectiles.
  2. Mask off area in which you intend to unleash your creativity with masking tape (so you don’t goof up surrounding paintjob).
  3. Mix together joint compound according to directions on package. Or if it’s that handy, already-mixed compound you’re ahead of the game. Separate a substantial amount of the compound by scooping it into an old bucket. 
  4. Pick a paint such as Rust-Oleum® Painter's Touch® Ultra cover Multi-Purpose Gloss Brush On and pour the paint into this separated supply of compound--A LITTLE AT A TIME!! Really, A LITTLE AT A TIME! You can always add more. If you find that you’ve added too much paint and think it’s waaay too dark, then add more compound to t
  5. Using the smooth side of your notch trowel, smooth compound onto wall, from top to bottom. Give yourself a nice thick layer to work with.
  6. With notch side of trowel, pull down--one long even stroke is ideal--creating those fun lines you see in the picture here. (See picture if you’re confused.)
  7. Remove tape when compound is dry and hard. Stand back---your creativity has now been immortalized!