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  1. For the rock river, you'll want to spread the rocks in a meandering line somewhere in your garden, as if they were flowing. And make sure to increase the width of your rock river as you go, since our eye is used to seeing things diminishing in size t
  2. Using RUST-OLEUM spray paints, spray your rock river, weaving the three shades of blue together. The trick is to make one of the blues the most dominant, then add streaks of the lighter or darker blues, as if the sun or depth of the river is changing its
  3. When finished, you can line your river with a row of dark rocks, to create a faux riverbank.
  4. Finally, if you can find a small bridge in a garage sale or a flea market, buy it! Paint the bridge with RUST-OLEUM wood paints, or Metallic paint (for a metal finish).

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