Rust-Oleum Project

Fun Kitchen Stool

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  1. Lightly sand entire stool.
  2. Protect surrounding area with a drop cloth, and apply 2 coats of Painter's® Touch Gloss White to legs and base of stool. Allow to dry.
  3. Mask stool legs with painter's tape and newspaper, and apply 2 coats of Rust-Oleum Chalkboard paint to seat of the stool.
  4. Drill holes in bottoms of stool legs and insert casters.
  5. Cut sheet metal to fit as a shelf on lower stool leg rails, leaving extra to wrap around the rails. Wrap onto rails and press in place with thumb tacks. Use as a decorative shelf for cookbooks, treats or storage.
  6. Glue decorative paper clips onto the seat.
  7. Glue ribbon onto the jar. Fill jar with goodies and place it - along with a fun message - on the stool!

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