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Decorative Hose Holder

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Decorative Hose HolderAfter
  • Estimated Project Time:

    2 Hours

  • Challenge Level:


  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Old Sheets or Drop Cloth
    • Sandpaper: grit 220
    • Lint Free Cloth
    • Drill
    • (1) 3/4” x 6” x 6” Exterior Wood Piece
    • (1) 4” x 4” x 52” Exterior Wood Piece
    • Brad Nailer
    • (4) 1” x 1” x 5” Exterior Wood Pieces (mitered 45 degrees on each corner)
    • 1 Classic Wood Bun Foot
    • Wood Filler
    • Hose Rack
    • Shovel
    • Concrete Mix
    • Level
    • Water
Decorative Hose Holder After

  1. Spread old sheets or a drop cloth on the ground outdoors to protect surfaces from paint.
  2. Sand all the wood pieces with 120-grit sandpaper, and remove dust with lint-free cloth. 
  3. Drill a hole in the center of the 6” x 6” piece. This is where the bun foot will attach later.
  4. Attach the 6” x 6” piece of wood to the end of the 4” x 4” post using exterior screws. 
  5. Using the brad nailer, attach the 1” x 1” pieces around the post, directly under the 6” x 6” piece of wood.
  6. Screw the bun foot into the pilot hole on the top of the 6” x 6” piece of wood.
  7. Fill all cracks and holes with exterior wood filler.
  8. Allow the wood filler to dry, then remove excess with sandpaper. Remove dust with lint-free cloth. 
  9. Attach the outdoor hose rack to the post with screws, approximately 39” up from the bottom.
  10. Set the post on the drop cloth or old sheets.
  11. Hold the can of spray paint 8-12” away and lightly cover the wood in a steady back-and-forth motion, slightly overlapping each stroke.
  12. Allow paint to fully dry, approximately 30 minutes. 
  13. Repeat steps 11-12 three more times while rotating the post until it is fully covered
  14. Dig an 18” hole in the ground with the shovel somewhere near where the hose will attach to the water supply.
  15. Pour concrete mix into the hole to a depth of 6”.
  16. Set post in the hole, and use the level to ensure it sits evenly.
  17. Fill the surrounding space in the hole with more concrete mix.
  18. Add hose water to the concrete, and allow it to dry before hanging the hose on the rack.

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