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From Bed To Bench

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from bed to benchAfter
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    2 Hours

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from bed to bench After

  1. I started by cutting the foot board in half. Actually, I ended up taking an additional 3" off each half to make the bench more in proportion.
  2. Before I started screwing anything together, I sanded each of the pieces to take some of the paint off so that when I gave it my finial coat of paint the wood would show through.
  3. The next step was to screw the foot board onto the headboard to create the right and left sides of the bench.
  4. I also shaped the foot board pieces so that they would fit better at the back and look like they were made that way. Otherwise the foot board pieces would have hit the headboard above the flat part of the legs and it just would have been weird.
  5. I then built a box inside the bench out of 2x4's. This gave a place to attach the slats for the seat of the bench. I also painted the 2x4's and the slats with Kilz to help keep this bench from rotting as it will be outside on the front porch.
  6. You can use Rust-Oleum® Painter's® Touch Ultra Cover 2X Gloss Spray in Candy Pink or any other color of your choice. Being the spray paint artist that I am, I coated the bench with two coats of the pink paint and when it was dry I took my handy sander to it.