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Fence Bench

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  • fence bench
    Fence Bench
fence benchAfter
  • Estimated Project Time:

    3 Hours

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fence bench After
  1. Find a spot outdoors and cover the ground with a drop cloth. It's always best to do these kinds of projects in the shade.
  2. Sand off any loose paint so that you have a smooth finish -- no chips.
  3. Wipe the bench clean with a damp cloth and let dry.
  4. Brush on the ivory base coat from the American Accents® Distressed Finishes Ivory Kit and let dry. Because this is a distressed finish, one coat should be just perfect.
  5. Use the enclosed sanding pad to sand away the ivory paint in areas that would naturally distress. (Edges show off the distressing technique the best.)
  6. Apply the dark brown top coat to areas that you have sanded and then wipe it away with a paper towel. The longer you let the top coat soak into the wood, the darker it will appear. If the color isn't dark enough, apply it again.
  7. Once the bench is dry, find a perfect shady spot for it in your garden.