LeakSeal Sprays FAQs

LeakSeal® Sprays Faqs

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    How much flexibility does it have, before it will crack?

    LeakSeal® utilizes a high grade flexible polymer that allows for superior flexibility and manipulation. LeakSeal® is specially formulated for substrates that constrict and expand due to extended weatherization.
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    Can a solvent based epoxy be painted over the LeakSeal®?

    Yes, LeakSeal® can be coated with any oil or water-based paints including Epoxies.
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    How large of a crack of hole will LeakSeal® be able to fill?

    LeakSeal® will fill any small to medium size cracks and holes. LeakSeal® will coat and fix any problem areas up to 1/8” in diameter.
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    What is the proper application method for LeakSeal®?

    To achieve maximum results, hold the can 8”-18” from the surface and apply in short, light sprays. Waiting 10-15 minutes in between coats, apply 3-4 coats of product until the surface is completely covered. Several light coats will provide a superior result and a more thorough dry than one heavy coat.
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    What is the recommended surface prep before applying LeakSeal®?

    Before applying LeakSeal® to the surface, it is recommended to remove dirt and debris from the area to be coated. Cover and mask off the area to avoid overspray. It is not recommend applying in wet conditions.