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  • How not to get overwhelmed by wall paint color choices

    After seeing all those amazing home makeover stories on social media, you’re feeling inspired and empowered to give your interior space a refresh. Now all you have to do is pick the right paint colors. Easy, right? 

  • How to choose wall paint color to match your personality

    It can be daunting settling on one color among thousands. What if you make the wrong choice and hate it? Choosing a color based on feelings could backfire. So what’s a DIYer supposed to do? Where do you start?

  • Interior wall painting projects are easier than you think

    When you’re not an experienced DIYer, the thought of painting rooms in your house can be intimidating. Faced with thousands of color options, not knowing whether to prime or even what kind of brushes to use, you may be hesitant.

  • Priming is the secret for a great paint job

    Professional painters know the key to a beautiful paint job isn't buying the most expensive paint. One coat of primer and one coat of paint will give them a better, longer-lasting paint job than two coats of paint.

  • Solid Advice on Stain Opacity and Color for Your Deck

    Choosing a paint color can be a challenge, and while the smaller exterior stain palette provides some relief, you’ve also got to decide among levels of opacity. Do you want to see all the wood grain, a hint of grain, or just obliterate?