Certificate Of Compliance

Certificate of Compliance

CPSIA Certification of Compliance
Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) was passed by Congress on August 14, 2008. The law requires that each shipment of consumer paint products be "accompanied" by a required certificate. The Consumer Product safety Commission has issued a rule specifically allowing the use of an electronic certificate provided it is available to the Commission and distributors and retailers on a World Wide Web URL. The certificate is to certify that paint products manufactured at a specific plant comply with all the applicable rules of the Commission.

This site contains CPSIA certifications for all of Rust-Oleum’s plants that manufacture consumer paint products as defined by the Commission. If you wish to have a certificate for a product or products, you must first identify at which plant the paint was made. The identification of the plant that manufactured a product is located on the bottom of the container as part of the product date code. The following letters at the beginning of a date code listed below correspond to the plant identified with it.

Letter Code / Plant location 

P / Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
Y / Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
H / Hagerstown, Maryland
X / Hagerstown, Maryland
S / Somerset, New Jersey
N / Newark, New Jersey
W / Hickory, South Carolina
D / Tipp City, Ohio
L / Lesage, West Virginia

Certification Document List


Hagerstown, MD
Hickory, SC
Modern Masters
Newark, NJ
Pleasant Prairie, WI
Somerset, NJ
Tipp City, OH
Lesage, WV