At Rust-Oleum, sustainability is part of our core. For nearly 100 years, we have helped to minimize our customers’ environmental footprint by developing and manufacturing innovative products that extend the life cycle of the things around them and save them from the landfill.

Innovative Product Development

From an extensive portfolio of consumer brands that help do-it-yourselfers protect, restore, renew and upcycle the things they already own – to high performance coatings that help professionals protect and preserve a wide range of commercial and industrial surfaces – Rust-Oleum is committed to developing innovative products that empower them to “reduce + reuse + recycle”.

Our commitment to responsible innovation also means that we are constantly striving to reduce our environmental impact for the development and manufacturing of all Rust-Oleum products. Many of our products have earned the right to carry the U.S. EPA Safer Choice insignia on their labels. The insignia is reserved for only those consumer cleaners and chemical products that meet the programs’ standards of being “safer for people and the planet without sacrificing quality or performance.”

Responsible product innovation also has led to the development of new technologies that minimize environmental impact. For example, our advancements in high solids spray paint formulation have led to the development of premium small projects paints that offer greater coverage than competitive brands. Less paint is used and fewer cans are relegated to the recycling bin. Our commitment to responsible innovation extends to the use of recycled materials whenever possible, like the use of recycled tires to provide superior durability in our water-based petroleum-free blacktop sealer and to developing next generation products with ultra low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).  Our line of RockSolid floor coatings utilize a novel burst pouch that enhances product safety and reduces VOC emissions during curing.


Minimizing the Impact of our Operations

When it comes to internal operations, Rust-Oleum takes a proactive approach to managing our environmental impact. From the minimization of packaging material to energy-saving systems, from waste reduction to recycling, Rust-Oleum is constantly evaluating its operations to ensure the implementation of environmentally friendly practices that eliminate waste, lower energy consumption and minimize our environmental footprint.

Corporate wide, Rust-Oleum seeks to constantly  improve the systems and processes that use the most energy at our manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and corporate offices. The use of energy-saving motors and drives, ,  motion detection systems that minimize the use of electricity in off peak hours; installation of energy energy efficient lighting  fixtures and lamps; use of automated thermostats and free cooling systems to reduce evening and weekend energy use; and reclamation and recycling of used solvents  are just a few of the ways Rust-Oleum is minimizing its environmental impact.

All of our facilities and offices have active recycling programs, recycling paper products, metal and plastic cans, pallets, cardboard – even carpeting and printer toner – to save them from the landfill. Additionally, major projects to reduce packaging waste have been undertaken as part of our commitment to sustainability. For example, a recent change made to aerosol packaging will ultimately reduce corrugated waste by almost 250,000 pounds annually.