Meet our Associates

Armando begins his mornings by checking email for any important updates or issues that might have arisen overnight. After taking care of any urgent projects, he sets about his daily development tasks using cutting-edge technologies. Together, he and his team create and maintain all of Rust-Oleum's websites around the world.

It’s Sean’s job to develop and market products from their inception through to completion. He collaborates with Research and Development, Sales, and other cross-functional teams to determine every aspect from label creation to commercial marketing tactics. Together with his Marketing Team, Sean ensures that every product is top-quality and in-line with company standards.

Brittany’s days are filled with phone calls and meetings. She works closely with Sales Teams and clients to offer important business insights on everything from industry data trends to store display layouts. It’s Brittany’s main goal to create and keep partner relationships through mutually beneficial growth opportunities—and by offering overall business improvement recommendations.

Aside from supporting his team in their personal and professional goals and growth, Bruce is also responsible for ensuring that legal, industry, and company standards are upheld in each product Rust-Oleum produces. He works closely with people in the Marketing, Sales, and R&D Departments to ensure total compliance across the board.

Denese begins her days by firstly prioritizing projects to be completed, and then tackling things from that list one at a time. Tasks include anything from buying birthday cards and ordering flowers to inputting important employee data into the Rust-Oleum system. Denese also spends a great deal of time organizing and sending out company-wide communications.

Jennifer works in the product development group for aerosol sprays. She splits her time between lab work and research time. In the lab, she stays busy working on groundbreaking product formulations in collaboration with Rust-Oleum’s High Performance Group. At her desk, Jennifer reads patents and researches literature for new product development ideas in areas the organization targets.

When Ryan arrives in the office each morning, the first thing he does is check his email for urgent correspondence. After that, he meets with other folks in the Traffic Department to determine what needs to be done that day. The remainder of his time is spent filling orders and shipments—and answering customer and co-worker questions.

It’s Noor’s job to bring Rust-Oleum employees around the world together as a team in spirit and in body. She works closely with internal business partners to plan strategic engagement events, as well as to populate the intranet and digital display boards with company communications that share good news and ideas.

Rogelio arrives at the mill each morning and checks in with the Overnight Team and goes over the day’s schedule. At 7:30 AM, he steps into a manager’s meeting to discuss all incoming and outgoing paint, primer, and epoxy orders for the day. The rest of the time, Rogelio stays busy with continual specification testing.