Cabinet Transformations FAQs

Cabinet Transformations Faqs

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    Is Cabinet Transformations Safe To Use?

    Cabinet Transformations™ is safe to use and is low odor. All products in the system are water based and can be cleaned up with soap and water. Use care and follow supplied instructions for wearing gloves and safety glasses as indicated.
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    Does Cabinet Transformations™ Work On Laminate, Melamine, Or Metal Cabinetry?

    Yes, Cabinet Transformations™ works on all wood, laminate, and melamine surfaces providing the same beautiful look.
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    Can I Use Cabinet Transformations™ On Surfaces Other Than Kitchen Cabinetry?

    Yes, Cabinet Transformations™ is also great for end tables, dressers, chairs, armoires, and more.
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    Do I Have To Strip Or Sand My Cabinets As Part Of The Preparation?

    Stripping, sanding, or priming are not necessary with Cabinet Transformations™. Simply use the Deglosser and scrub pads provided to prepare your cabinets prior to applying the Bond Coat.
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    Prior to Using Cabinet Transformations®, How Do I Repair Cracks or Holes In My Original Cabinetry?

    Cracks, holes, nicks, and gouges can be filled with plastic wood filler. When the filler dries, sand the area until it is even with the surrounding surface. Once repairs have been made, follow the normal Cabinet Transformations® application process.