Cabinet Transformations FAQs

Cabinet Transformations Faqs

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    Can I Change Out My Cabinet Hardware?

    Yes, changing out cabinet knobs, pulls and handles is a great way to update and continue your transformation. Be sure to purchase new hardware prior to starting the Cabinet Transformations® application process. Check to see if new or different holes are needed. Fill all holes not needed with plastic wood filler. Allow to dry and sand smooth to the surrounding areas. Once holes are filled, follow the normal Cabinet Transformations™ application process.
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    Do I Need To Remove Cabinet Doors And Hardware?

    For best results, removing cabinet doors and all cabinet hardware is recommended. It will be easier to get a smooth finish when coating the doors while they are Laying flat.
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    What Can I Use To Prop Up My Cabinet Doors During The Application Process?

    To make the process easier, drive two drywall screws into a 2 x 4. Set two of these on your worktable to support each door and make the sides of your doors easier to coat. See the Instructional DVD included in the kit for further details.
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    I Have Oak Cabinets; Will the Wood Grain Show Through?

    The solid color Bond Coat will allow some of the natural beauty of the wood grain to come through especially on open grain species like oak. If you do not desire the wood grain appearance, use a wood grain filler prior to coating. Follow the wood grain filler manufacturer's instructions for application.
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    I Have Knotty Pine Cabinets; Will These Require Any Special Preparation?

    The knots, like those in knotty pine, can be an issue when coating. The resin in the knots can bleed through and ruin a finished surface. Simply prime the entire surface with a pigmented shellac base primer such as Zinsser® B-I-N® Primer and proceed with your project.