Deck & Concrete Restore 10X FAQs

Deck & Concrete Restore 10X FAQs

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    The instructions say the coating should be applied when no rain is imminent. I live in a rainy climate where rain is always imminent. Can I still apply Restore?

    Yes, but it is imperative that the coating be allowed to dry and cure before it is rained on.  You may want to secure a large tarp over the area to be coated to protect the surface from rain and moisture.

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    I coated my deck in the afternoon, and early the next morning, I noticed that the surface appeared splotchy and stained. What happened? What can I do about it?

    Although this condition looks unattractive, it will not have any effect on the life of the coating.  It’s known as surfactant leaching, or surfactant bleeds.  Surfactants are water-soluble additives that insure the stability of the latex coatings, and they are sensitive to moisture during the drying period.  If the drying process is interrupted by moisture, such as dew, fog, rain or humidity, surface staining may occur.  To treat surfactant bleed, wash the surface with household detergent and water and rinse well (the longer the stain remains on the surface, the more difficult it can be to remove).  Allow the surface to dry and continue with you application.  Surfactant bleed is not uncommon during the first 30 days after an application.
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    My deck surface is still “sticky” and has not cured. What should I do?

    If the temperature drops more than 20 degrees overnight after your coat your deck, your deck may not harden completely.  Do not place heavy objects or furniture on your deck until it has hardened.

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    Can I use my barbeque on my deck?

    Yes, you can barbeque on your deck.  Take care to avoid any hot ashes or coals on the deck surface.  If oil or soot collects on the deck surface, it may discolor.

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    Can I use Restore 10X to add a skid-resistant surface around a pool?

    Yes, Restore can be used around pool surrounds.  It is always a good idea to minimize splashes of chemically-treated water on your deck surface, because repeated exposure to heavy doses of chlorine may enhance fading and embrittle the coating.