Factor 4 FAQs

Factor 4® FAQs

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    How does Factor 4 Synthetic Wax System compare to a conventional car wax?

    Factor 4 Synthetic Wax is a 2-step system based on electrofusion technology.

    Step 1 – The Factor 4 Deep Cleansing Wash cleans the surface while setting up a positive electromagnetic charge on the vehicle’s paint.

    Step 2 – The Factor 4 Synthetic Wax application allows the negative ions in the wax to bond with the positively charged paint surface to create a super slick finish that has incredible, mirror-like shine with extreme durability. Conventional car waxes are typically a blend of waxes and other ingredients that need to be re-applied regularly to maintain shine and protection. Plus, conventional waxes have very little resistance to detergents and the shine diminishes every time you wash your car.

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    Conventional car wax durability is typically 3-6 months. Does the Factor 4 Synthetic Wax System really last up to 3 years?

    Absolutely! The high shine, protective shield created by the crosslinking process of the wash & wax has been proven to last up to three years. The technology we use to create the extended durability is based on the principal that opposite poles attract. The Factor 4 Cleansing Wash cleans the surface but more importantly it deposits a positive charge on the paint.

    Once the surface has been cleaned and positively charged with the wash, the Factor 4 Synthetic Wax is applied and the negative ions are essentially pulled into the surface to crosslink and bond with the charge created by the positive ions in the wash step. The result is incredible depth of shine, corrosion protection and extreme durability.

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    Is Factor 4 Synthetic Wax System safe for all finishes?

    Factor 4 Synthetic Wax System is safe for all automotive exterior painted finishes, including wheels and chrome. Like most waxes, we do not recommend it be used on porous exterior surfaces such as unpainted plastic, rubber or vinyl.
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    My car has a clear coat finish, isn’t that enough protection?

    Even though your car already has a clear coat to protect the paint, it still needs to be waxed to protect it from contaminants such as UV rays, dirt and debris, and other nature driven elements. Plus, if you have a deep scratch, Factor 4 Synthetic Wax helps protect the exposed surface as well. Aside from the benefit of added protection, waxing your car helps keep it shining and looking great!
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    How do I use Factor 4?

    Step 1 - Wash your car with the Factor 4 Deep Cleansing Wash and let the wash sit on your car’s surface for approximately 15 minutes. This will allow the positive ions in the wash to create a charge on the vehicle’s surface. After 15 minutes, rinse and dry vehicle.

    Step 2 – Apply the wax. Using the included applicator, apply a thin coat of Factor 4 Synthetic Wax to the vehicle and allow to dry to a haze. This allows the negative ions of the wax to fuse with the positive ions from the wash. Be sure not to apply too heavy, a little goes a long way.