Garage FAQs

Garage FAQs

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    When should I apply a garage floor coating?

    Optimal air temperature for installation of a Rust-Oleum garage floor coating is 55-90 degrees Fahrehheit, and the floor temperature should fall within the following ranges: 

    • For Rust-Oleum Concrete and Garage: 50-90° (10-32°C)
    • For EpoxyShield: 60-85°F (15-29°C)
    • For RockSolid: 40-90°F (3-32°C)

    If it’s colder, the coating may take longer to cure. The concrete surface must also be completely dry at the time you apply a coating to that it properly adheres. Do not use concrete coating once the concrete and air temperature is steadily below 55 degrees.

    If applying to recently poured concrete, allow the concrete to cure for at least 28 days prior to coating. 

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    How do I clean my concrete before applying a garage floor coating?

    Prior to coating concrete, we recommend cleaning with Rust-Oleum® Heavy-Duty Degreaser or Rust-Oleum Cleaner & Degreaser. Scrub degreaser solution into the floor with a short-bristled scrub brush to remove all surface grease, dirt and oil. Rinse several times. Run your hand over the surface – if any residue appears on your hand, the floor should be cleaned and rinsed again until no residue is present. Allow the concrete to thoroughly dry before coating or sealing.

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    Can I coat my concrete floor if it’s still wet after cleaning?

    The floor must be completely dry prior to coating. We recommend allowing at least eight hours for it to dry. A floor squeegee may be used to remove water from the surface and help expedite drying time.

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    What if there are cracks in my concrete?

    Your concrete floor should be in good condition and not contain any loose, chipped or cracked areas. For best results, remove all loose material and dust and fill cracks with Rust-Oleum® Concrete Patch & Repair before coating


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    How do I know if my concrete is in good enough condition to coat?

    In addition to visually assessing the concrete floor and filling any cracks, it’s important to check for moisture and the presence of a previous concrete sealer. Presence of moisture and/or sealers will prevent the coating from adhering properly and may cause product failure.