Glitter Interior Wall Paint FAQs

Glitter Interior Wall Paint FAQs

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    Are there steps I should follow for application?

    Step 1: Basecoat – See suggested basecoat paint colors 
    Step 2: Paint – Roll, Brush or Spray chosen glitter paint color
    Step 3: Edging – Dab chosen glitter paint color along edges with foam brush

    Note: For larger projects, edging as you go could be a solution.

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    Do I need a top coat?

    This product does not require a clear top coat. The glitter does not shed or rub off easily. If a clear coat is desired, we recommend Painter's® Touch Ultra Cover Multi-Purpose Clear Brush paint.

    Note: The applied thickness of the clear coat could alter appearance.

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    When applied, can I expect to see a solid color of glitter?

    This product is for use as a decorative wall coating that provides a multi-dimensional shimmer and sparkle. This product features buildable coverage for a customized look.  Full coverage is achieved with a similar color base coat and 4 coats of glitter.

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    How many coats do I need to apply?

    The first coat does not provide full coverage.  Full coverage will require approximately 4 coats. 

    Tip: Build glitter effect with multiple thin, uniform coats.

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    What is the coverage for 1 quart of glitter wall paint?

    1 quart of this wall paint is enough for 3 coats applied over a 30sqft area or 4’ x 8’ section.  We recommend working in 4’ vertical sections.