Glow in the Dark FAQs

Glow in the Dark Faqs

  • 1.

    Can Glow in the Dark be sprayed on a base color other than white?

    It is highly recommended to prime the object with a white primer, such as Ultra Cover 2X White primer. The darker the object is, the less likely the object will glow in the dark.
  • 2.

    How long does the painted object have to charge for maximum glow?

    The object should be charged under direct sunlight or artificial light for 2-3 hours for maximum glow. For optimal glow, charge in direct light. Keep in mind, leaving an object outside will not provide consistent direct light for charging.
  • 3.

    Should the painted object be charged under natural or artificial light?

    The painted object can be charged on natural or artificial light. The closer, more direct,  and more consistent the strength of the light is, the better the object will glow. Any shadows, blockage of light, or inconsistency of light during charging (ie. gradual sun set)  will affect the objects ability to glow.
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    Can the paint be used outdoors?

    Yes, the aerosol paint can be sprayed for outdoor use. Periodic reapplication may be needed to maintain the glow. You can also protect the coating by applying a thin coat of Ultra Cover 2X Gloss Clear.
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    Will the paint be as bright as an LED light?

    No, because paint is a coating, it will not be as bright as a light. With proper application and adequate charge time the objects will glow.