LeakSeal Tape FAQs

LeakSeal® Tape Faqs

  • 1.

    What is LeakSeal® Tape?

    LeakSeal® Silicone Tape exhibits self-fusing technology by creating an air-tight bond through amalgamation. Amalgamation is a scientific process of combining or uniting to form as one. This is achieved through silicone cross-linking technology.
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    What are the primary product claims for LeakSeal® Tape?

    LeakSeal® Tape is an extremely durable and flexible tape ideal for any and all conditions. It exhibits extreme strength to withstand 700 PSI. It is also exceptionally heat resistant, withstanding its integrity up to 500F. Lastly, LeakSeal® Tape can insulate up to 8,000 volts.
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    Where can LeakSeal® Tape be used?

    LeakSeal® Tape is great for all cylindrical shaped items such as hoses, tubes, pipes, wires and more.
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    Can LeakSeal® Tape be applied in wet applications?

    LeakSeal® Tape can be used in wet applications as long as the leak or water exposure is limited. Nevertheless, for best results it is recommended to use LeakSeal® Tape in a clean and dry condition.
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    What is the necessary surface preparation needed before application?

    Clean the area with a dry cloth before applying the LeakSeal® Tape. Although the LeakSeal® Tape does not stick to the substrates (it fuses with itself), it recommended having a clean and dry surface for maximum results.