Miracle Sealants FAQs

Miracle Sealants FAQs

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    What do the 511 products do?

    They create a barrier resistant to surface absorption, increase static coefficient of friction, make the surface harder and allow vapor permeability without changing the natural characteristics of the tile, stone, grout, concrete or masonry surface.
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    How long will 511 Impregnator & 511 Porous Plus last?

    The product's longevity will vary depending on the surface texture, type of stone, tile or grout, where it is located what type of wear is the surface exposed to, etc. Typically we recommend re-application on flooring every 1-3 years for commercial flooring and every 3-10 years for residential flooring. We recommend re-application every 1-3 years on counters and every 3-20 years on vertical surfaces.
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    Will the 511 products build up, crack, peel, or discolor?

    No. The unique formulas allow them to penetrate and bond to the surface without bonding to itself. It is not a surface coating and therefore will not crack, peel, yellow or discolor at any time.
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    How do I apply 511 products?

    Because these products don't adversely affect most anything, they are very easy to apply. You may use a Miracle Sealant Applicator, pump up sprayer, clean towels or a light weight rayon mop. The general rule is to wet the surface so it gets very wet to your eye. Allow to stand 3-5 minutes and wipe or buff off the excess with a clean towel or carpet bonnet under a floor machine. Do not allow 511 products to dry or evaporate on the surface or a residue will appear. This residue can be removed by reactivating it with more 511 or mineral spirits and buffing immediately dry. For multiple applications allow to dry 1 - 3 hours minimum before applying second application. Two applications should be sufficient in even the worst situations.
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    How toxic are the 511 products?

    Although 511 Impregnator, Porous Plus and Grout Sealer are solvents, they are only a 1 on the toxicity level (0 - 4). that is equal to laundry detergent. None of these products are considered flammable. They are all combustible (more then a 100-degree flashpoint). They are solvents so you don't want to drink them or lock yourself in a small room and start sniffing the bottle. 511 is USDA approved for used in food prep areas.

    511 H2O Plus is a O on the toxicity scale, is non-flammable and has no odor. For any area where smell or allergy is a concern the customer may use 511 H2O Plus.