Miracle Sealants FAQs

Miracle Sealants FAQs

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    Will 511 products change the look of the tile, stone or grout surface?

    Typically 511 Impregnator and 511 Porous Plus will not alter the natural look. They may have a tendency to shade the surface slightly, possibly creating a slight darkening. However, when the entire field is treated it is rarely noticeable if at all. 511 H2O Plus will have virtually no color or shading at all.
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    What is the difference between 511 Impregnator and 511 Porous Plus?

    511 Impregnator is a polymerized silicone resin that will offer superior water repellency on all surfaces and superior oil repellency on most medium to dense surfaces. Because it is not a coating, it doesn't fill the deep pores of many porous surfaces. As a result some oils may be able to work their way into the surface. Often they are able to be removed, but not always easily.

    511 Porous Plus is the same polymerized silicone resin but this product has an added polymer in it to keep the stain fighter closer to the surface even on very porous surfaces. This added polymer is vapor permeable, translucent and when used with the polymerized silicon resin creates a fantastic stain repellent surface on the most porous surfaces.
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    Why is 511 Porous Plus so expensive?

    511 Porous is not as expensive as you might think. Take a look at the coverage rates of 511 Porous Plus and look into the cost per square foot not per unit. 511 Porous Plus will achieve a performance on many substrates other products will not work on. 511 Porous Plus out spreads the competition by as much as 10 to 1. 511 Porous Plus is very durable and doesn't need constant re-application. With that take into consideration the added Polymers are a very expensive component that 511 Impregnator does not have.
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    Can I use multiple applications of 511 Impregnator instead of 511 Porous Plus?

    No! 511 Porous Plus has the added polymer and 511 Impregnator does not have it. Therefore multiple applications of 511 Impregnator will not do what 1 or 2 applications of 511 Porous Plus will do.
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    What is a grout/mortar release and which product will work as one?

    A grout release is a product applied to the surface of the stone or tile prior to grouting. This step keeps the grout dye from penetrating into the surface and allows faster grout clean up. We recommend using the product you have chosen as your surface protector, as your grout release. You don't need a specific product for a grout release. 511 Impregnator, 511 Porous Plus and 511 H2O Plus will all release grout when used properly.