NeverWet Multi-Surface Kit FAQs

NeverWet Multi-Surface Kit Faqs

  • 6.

    Can NeverWet be removed?

    Yes. If you desire to remove NeverWet completely, it can be removed by wiping the treated object with mineral spirits.
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    Can NeverWet be recoated?

    If the superhydrophobic properties are diminished, NeverWet can be reapplied. Lightly sand the surface of the coated object to remove any remaining Top Coat, and then reapply the Base and Top Coat according to the directions on the previous page.

  • 8.

    Can NeverWet be used on fabric?

    NeverWet is not recommended for use on clothing. Rust-Oleum NeverWet will adhere to most fabrics, but dries to a flat milky haze with a chalky feel. Test in an inconspicuous area before applying to the entire surface.
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    Can NeverWet be applied to glass?


    Yes, but the glass will no longer be transparent. NeverWet dries to a Flat Frosted Clear color, therefore, it should never be applied to windshields or automobile windows. NeverWet will work on any glass that you want to have superhydrophobic properties, but don’t need to see through.

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    Can NeverWet be painted over?

    No, if the Top Coat is covered with any type of coating, the superhydrophobic properties
    will be lost.