RockSolid 2X Solid Stain FAQs

RockSolid 2X Solid Stain FAQs

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    What makes RockSolid 2X Solid Stain different from other solid stains?

    RockSolid 2X Solid Stain is unique from other solid stains in that it produces a beautiful finished look in just ONE coat. Other solid stains require two coats to fully hide the wood grain underneath. Furniture can also be returned to surface 48 hours after application is complete with RockSolid 2X Solid Stain. Most solid stains require 72 hours before the furniture can be returned to the surface. RockSolid 2X Solid Stain can also be used on broom swept concrete and most composite decking in addition to wood whereas other solid stains only work on wood.
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    What other features does RockSolid 2X Solid Stain have?

    RockSolid 2X Solid Stain is designed for long-lasting protection and superior weather-resistance. The coating repels sun and water to extend the life of your deck and the coating. Additionally, it is an algae and mildew resistant coating.
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    Does RockSolid 2X Solid Stain fill voids in the wood and concrete?

    No. RockSolid 2X Solid Stain is meant for newer wood and concrete surfaces. While thick enough to cover your surface in one coat, it is not thick enough to fill cracks and voids. RockSolid 20X Deck Resurfacer can fill ¼” cracks, while RockSolid 6X Deck Coat can fill hairline cracks.
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    Does RockSolid 2X Solid stain have a smooth texture?

    Yes, RockSolid 2X Solid Stain has a smooth finish that is barefoot friendly.
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    What surfaces can I apply RockSolid 2X Solid Stain to?

    Wood: RockSolid 2X Solid Stain should only be applied on structurally sound wood and most composite surfaces. Some composite decking is engineered with moisture repellants or sealers that may prevent proper adhesion. Be sure to follow specific manufacturer’s recommendation before applying to any composite decking. RockSolid 2X Solid Stain is recommended for use on lightly worn wood surfaces. New wood needs to weather at least 6 months before application.

    Concrete: RockSolid 2X Solid Stain should only be applied to structurally sound broom swept or porous concrete. It is recommended for use on newer concrete surfaces. New concrete surfaces need to cure 30 days before application.

    not FOR USE ON: Smooth or floated concrete, fiberglass, tile, and metal surfaces. These surfaces will not allow for proper adhesion. Do not use on driveways, garages, or other areas with vehicular traffic.