Rocksolid Wood Coating FAQs

Rocksolid Wood Coating FAQs

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    How do I know my surface is ready for a coating application?

    Complete a porosity check by pouring a small amount of clean water on the deck surface. The water should soak into the wood readily, if the water beads on the surface then further cleaning will be required before moving forward.

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    How do I properly prepare my deck?

    Use RockSolid™ Wood Stripper to remove all coatings/stains from the wood. Pressure washer to remove all residue and debris - a water hose is not sufficient. Use RockSolid™ Cleaner and Brightener  to clean the surface.  Pressure wash to remove all cleaning residue and debris. Pour a small amount of water on the wood surface. The water should soak into the wood readily. If it beads on the surface further cleaning is required. At this point the wood should be allowed to dry for 48 hours. Sand wood using 80-120 grit paper on the vertical surfaces and 60-80 grit paper on the horizontal surfaces. Use leaf blower or similar to remove all dust and debris before coating. 'Wet-out' the surface and keep moist for maximum spread rates while coating. Avoid standing water and do not spray on applied product. Check the weather forecast to avoid rain for 48 hours following application of products.

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    How do I pre-condition my wood surface prior to application?

    Before coating, mist the surface with water. This helps the coating penetrate into wood as it dries. If it is hot and/or sunny, you may need to re-mist as you work. (Pre-conditioning the wood surface is not required if priming with RockSolid® Deck Start Wood Primer.)
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    How else can I properly prepare my deck?

    As an alternative to sanding and stripping your deck, preparation can be done using RockSolid® Deck Start Wood Primer. You will first need to clean the surface using a deck brush and ROCKSOLID™ WOOD CLEANER & BRIGHTENER. Make sure the surface is clean and free of dirt, grease, mildew and organic growth.  Loose paint needs to be scraped. Make repairs to your deck by securing raised nail heads, deck screws or loose deck boards, remove splinters and replace severely damaged or rotting boards.  Fill cracks more than 1/4” with an acrylic, non-silicone filler. Allow to dry. Then apply the RockSolid® Deck Start Wood Primer following application instructions. Allow to dry 1-2 hours before applying RockSolid® Solid Color Stain or RockSolid® Deck Restoration.

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    How long after the application process should I stay off my deck?

    Once the product is applied to your surface, stay off the surface for at least 24 hours after coating; deck furniture can be returned in 72 hours. The coatings take about 2 weeks to fully cure.