Rocksolid Wood Coating FAQs

Rocksolid Wood Coating FAQs

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    Can I coat my vertical surfaces as well as my horizontal surfaces?

    Verticals can only be coated with RockSolid® Solid Color Exterior Stain , if using the RockSolid® Deck Restoration , you need to buy stain for the verticals. Only one coat is needed for verticals.
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    Are there any weather requirements to consider before installing my new coating?

    Apply when surface and air temperature is between 50 and 90° F and will remain between 50 and 90° F for at least 72 hours (day and night) after application. Do not apply this product if rain is forecasted in the next 24 hours.

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    How do I maintain my deck to ensure the longevity of this product?

    During the winter, keep your deck clear of snow. When removing the snow from your deck, remember to use a plastic shovel. When cleaning your deck, do not use a pressure washer. Use a hose and dish soap to clean your coated surface.
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    What if I’m not hitting the coverage rates?

    Ensure buckets are stored out of the sunlight and product is milkshake consistency during application. If done in direct sunlight in the middle of day, or in higher temperature applications, it may be necessary to add water to keep the consistency of the mixed product uniform.  Add 2 oz. of cool, clean water at a time and re-mix with the drill mixer before use.  NEVER EXCEED 6 oz. of additional water.  Ensure uncoated wood surface is dampened and stays damp during application (do not dampen surface if you have primed your deck using RockSolid® Deck Start Wood Primer). 
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    What prep is required for additional coats?

    Ensure surface is free of debris and contaminants. Lightly pre-wet the surface and apply.