Turbo Spray System: What you need to know

Turbo Spray System FAQs

  • 1.

    That can is so big! Is it heavy?

    not at all. It’s just 24 ounces. Just over 1lb.
  • 2.

    But that is so much paint!

    The valve and tip work together to spray more paint per second, but the wide spray covers more surface area. So, it’s really is the same amount of paint covering the same area, but you’ll finish the job 4X faster as the Turbo Spray System completes four passes in one.
  • 3.

    That sounds like a lot of overspray!

    Thankfully, it’s not. The particles in this paint are actually heavier than a regular aerosol and tend to spray on the object being painted instead of drifting in the air.
  • 4.

    What can I paint with Turbo Spray System?

    The Turbo system is a super-charged version of the Rust-Oleum products you already know and trust. The same kinds of surfaces are appropriate, just on a larger scale. The metal outdoor patio set can be painted in its entirety in the time it takes to do one chair with a traditional spray or brush. Also use it on garage doors, sheds, railings, fences, retaining walls, and more -- anything that’s too big to spray with a traditional aerosol and too small for a professional spray gun.
  • 5.

    How much surface area does it cover?

    The large 24-ounce can holds twice as much paint as a traditional aerosol can so you can cover two times more surface area per can. If you think about a large project that would require a full gallon, it would take approximately 5-6 cans of Stops Rust with the Turbo Spray System to cover the same area.