Turbo Spray System: What you need to know

Turbo Spray System FAQs

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    What if it sputters or drips from the tip?

    If sputtering or dripping occurs, it is most likely because the tip was not completely pushed down. If the tip is not fully seated, it can cause a sputtering and slight buildup on the front of the tip blade. Just wipe it with a shop rag and keep spraying your project, and make sure the tip is completely compressed.
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    Can I use the Comfort Grip?

    Yes! This new Turbo Tip is modeled after our comfort button. This means it also works with the Comfort Grip! Make sure you use smooth even strokes when spraying with the Comfort Grip attached. It will help you complete those ultra large jobs with ease.
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    How do I clear the can?

    If the tip clogs, simply flip it over and spray it upside down until no more paint sprays out.
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    Is Turbo Stops Rust different from the Stops Rust I always buy?

    No. The colors and sheens have been matched to the 12-ounce size of Stops Rust. You can spray large flat areas with Turbo and then touch up or spray paint the little details with the traditional can.
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    Tips For Best Results

    - Lay out tarps and mask off any areas that you do not want to paint
    - Always test your spray on a scrap of cardboard or other material to get a feel for the pattern
    - Hold the can farther away from the surface than other sprays – we recommend 18” to 24”
    - Start at the top left corner and plan to work left to right, top to bottom in about 4 foot widths 
    - Spray a light coat for your first pass targeting about 50% coverage.  This will help the next pass adhere to itself, giving the project a smooth, solid finish
    - Overlap your second strokes about 30% to avoid tiger striping and thin spaces between passes
    - Apply 2 or more light coats a few minutes apart to ensure complete coverage.  Additional coats may be applied before 1 hour or after 48 hours to prevent wrinkling
    - Don’t hold the can in one place. Keep the can moving 

    Learn more about our Turbo Spray System here.