Wipe New ReColor FAQs

Wipe New ReColor FAQs

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    How can I remove ReColor by Wipe New®?

    Although it is more easily removed if wiped from undesirable surfaces immediately, cured ReColor by Wipe New® can be removed using a small amount of automotive polishing compound. We recommend that you apply the compound to a microfiber cloth then work it into the affected area in a circular motion. With a little time and effort the compound will remove ReColor by Wipe New® from the surface, and you can use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe away any remaining compound residue.
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    How long will ReColor by Wipe New® last after it's applied to the surface?

    ReColor by Wipe New® is guaranteed to last for two years on most surfaces, but may require reapplication over time to surfaces that are regularly exposed to oils from the skin and/or friction such as vinyl/leather seats, benches, knobs, etc.
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    Can ReColor by Wipe New® be removed from the surface after it has cured/dried?

    You can use extremely fine high-grit sandpaper (such as 2000 or 3000 grit) to sand the surface and remove ReColor by Wipe New®.
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    Can I apply ReColor by Wipe New® to a fiberglass surface?

    Yes. ReColor by Wipe New® will restore shine to the surface, protect it from UV damage, and make it easier to clean. If there is any UV damage underneath the existing gel/clear coat, then Wipe New® will not remove it. Before applying, ensure the surface is thoroughly cleansed and allowed to dry completely, and protect the surface from moisture for 24 hours post-application.
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    Where can I find helpful tips for using ReColor by Wipe New®?

    For tips and ReColor by Wipe New® demos, visit our YouTube channel (YouTube.com/WipeNew), like us on Facebook (Facebook.com/WipeNew) and remember to share your before and after photos.