Wipe New Tires FAQS

Wipe New Tires FAQs

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    Do I have to wear gloves and eye protection when using Wipe New® Tires?

    We recommend wearing the included gloves and using eye protection when applying Wipe New® Tires because once dry, it can be difficult to remove from your skin, and may irritate skin upon contact. In case of contact with skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water. In case of contact with eyes, hold eye open and thoroughly flush with water for at least 15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.
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    Is it ok to apply Wipe New Tires in direct sunlight and/or to hot surfaces? Will being out in the sun speed up the drying process (maybe I’ll need to use a second coat)?

    For best results, apply Wipe New Tires to a cool surface in a garage, carport or other shaded, well-ventilated area. While the sun does speed up the drying process, a hot surface or direct sun can speed drying too much and cause the surface to appear streaked.
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    How long does it take for Wipe New Tires to dry? What happens if the treated surface gets wet before it dries completely (i.e. morning dew, rain)?

    We recommend that you allow 1 hour of drying time before touching the surface and a full 24 hours after applying Wipe New Tires before exposure to moisture of any kind. If the surface gets wet before Wipe New Tires cures, you may see streaking or spotting in the finish. A second coat of Wipe New Tires will not resolve this issue. For best results, we recommend keeping the vehicle garaged for 24 hours after application.
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    Will Wipe New® Tires damage my clothes?

    Wipe New® Tires contains no dyes, however, it does harden as it dries and may damage your clothing.
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    Why does the surface look streaked while/immediately after applying Wipe New® Tires?

    Streaking may occur if 1) prior to beginning, the surface has not been thoroughly prepped (cleaned with soap and water, free of greases/oils and dust particles), 2) the cloth begins to dry during application, 3) the treated surface is exposed to moisture within 24 hours of application, or 4) Wipe New® Tires was applied to a hot surface or in direct sunlight, causing it to cure at a faster, uneven rate. Streaking is also often the result of a porous tire surface unevenly absorbing Wipe New® Tires. To correct the streaking, wait 5 minutes after the coating to apply an additional coat evenly across the tire surface.