Milk Paint Finish Projects

Milk Paint Projects

  • Get a Milk Paint Finish in One Step (0:39)

    Apply Rust-Oleum Milk Paint Finish and get a beautiful matte brushed effect with just one coat. Milk Paint Finish is water-based and highlights the original character of your piece with easy application. Get a durable, long-lasting antique look when you use it on wood, metal, aluminum or glass.
  • Add a Distressed, Chippy Look with Milk Paint Finish (0:33)

    It's easy to create an antique-like chippy look with Milk Paint Finish. Just apply your paint, add some petroleum jelly in areas that would be easily worn by time, and paint on a second coat, wiping away the petroleum jelly when finished. The look will be unique!
  • Color Washing Wood has Never Been Easier! (0:32)

    Skip the mess and color wash your wood with an easy, one-step process with Rust-Oleum Milk Paint Finish. This color washing technique uses paint and water to create a washed look. Add a second coat of diluted paint for a more enhanced appearance.
  • Get a Two-Toned, Distressed Look with the Dry Brush Technique (0:27)

    Dry brushing wood is simple with Rust-Oleum Milk Paint Finish. Apply a base coat of your favorite Milk Paint Finish color. When it's dry, apply a second color lightly with a dry brush for a two-toned, distressed look.