Rust-Oleum HOME Videos

Countertop and Floor Coatings How-To Videos

  • Rust-Oleum HOME Bathroom Floor Stencil Project by The DIY Playbook (5:10)

    The DIY Playbook transforms her outdated bathroom tile floor and turns it into a stenciled masterpiece using Rust-Oleum HOME. See step-by-step how to use a stencil to update the floors in your bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen with this easy floor painting DIY project.
  • How To Paint A Floor - Transform Outdated Interior Floors With Rust-Oleum HOME (0:56)

    No need to remove outdated flooring, just paint over it! Apply Rust-Oleum HOME Floor Coating to any interior tile, laminate, wood, vinyl, and more without sanding, stripping or grinding in this easy DIY project. A durable, life-tested, alternative to replacing floors, use Rust-Oleum HOME and love your floors again!
  • Paint Any Floor With Rust-Oleum HOME Interior Floor Paint (0:30)

    Painting a floor is easy with Rust-Oleum HOME. No removal, stripping, sanding, or grinding is needed. Whether it's tile, concrete, laminate, wood or vinyl, just apply the Base Coat and Top Coat.
  • How to Paint a Countertop - Transform with Rust-Oleum HOME (1:39)

    Rust-Oleum HOME Countertop Coating is a durable countertop paint that lets you transform the look without the cost of renovation.