Woodcare Projects

Woodcare Projects

  • Stain Wood video screenshot

    Get a Weathered Wood Look in Minutes with Varathane® Weathered Wood Accelerator (0:42)

    Varathane® Weathered Wood Accelerator creates a weathered look on bare or untreated wood. It replicates the aging process that happens in nature by reacting with the wood to create a unique one-of-a-kind aged gray look. No need to find an old barn or old wood to get a reclaimed look.
  • Stain Wood video screenshot

    Staining 101 - Learn how to stain wood to create a beautiful finish with Katie Bower (2:42)

    Learn the steps for a perfect wood staining project with Katie Bower of Bower Power Blog.  It's easy to transform wood with Varathane wood stains and polyurethanes.
  • Whitewash video screenshot

    Learn how to create a whitewash look with Varathane stain with tips from Katie Bower (1:53)

    Katie Bower, from Bower Power Blog, shows you how to create a whitewash effect with Varathane stain.
  • Distressed video sceenshot

    Create a Distressed Wood Finish with Varathane Ultimate Wood Stain (2:18)

    Learn how to easily create a unique, distressed wood finish by following these tips and techniques.
  • Ombre Effect video screenshot

    Create an ombre effect with Varathane stain and tips from Katie Bower of Bower Power (2:59)

    Katie Bower shows you how to create a beautiful ombre effect on the back of a book case.  Blend Varathane stain colors -- from dark blue to white - for a unique finish that's easy to create.
  • Protect Wood video screenshot

    Learn to protect your wood with polyurethane in this tutorial from Katie Bower (2:12)

    Katie Bower, author of Bower Power blog, shares her tips and techniques for applying Varathane polyurethane to protect your wood projects.
  • Varathane Master Series Presents Nathan Wiens (1:39)

    It’s the flaws and character in the wood that bring out the true beauty in Nathan Wiens’ furniture. Discover how he pulls out the personality in every piece in the Varathane Master series.
  • Varathane Master Series - Using Less Expensive Woods for a High-Quality Look (:51)

    Choosing a soft wood or reclaimed lumber for a project is easier on the pocketbook as they often carry imperfections. Adding Varathane Wood Stain complements those flaws, characterizing the piece.
  • Varathane Master Series - How to Sand Surfaces Quickly (:45)

    Sanding large surfaces doesn’t have to be a daunting project. Use a circular sander to work quickly with the wood grain on a large surface to allow Varathane to adhere best and offer a true color in just one coat.
  • Varathane Master Series - How to Stain Large Surfaces (:41)

    Staining large surfaces such as tabletops won’t take a whole day with Varathane Wood Stain. It’s also easy with the right techniques. Nathan Weins explains a few quick tips when tackling a large surface project.
  • Varathane Master Series Presents Rodney McFalls (2:13)

    Director of Color Styling and Interpretive Design, Rodney McFalls, shows you how to renew and transform outdated furniture using Varathane wood stain and polyurethane. Each piece tells a story, each finish speaks to an emotion. Bring out the character in your item with these techniques.
  • Varathane Master Series - Applying Wood Stain to an Existing Finish (4:05)

    Transform something old into something trendy by applying a wood stain on an existing furniture finish with just a few simple steps. In this video, Rodney McFalls shows you how an old finish gets a new driftwood effect with Varathane Wood Stain and Triple Thick Polyurethane.
  • Varathane Master Series - Refinishing without Stripping (:42)

    Give an updated look to existing furniture with a few items and a few steps. It’s quick, it’s easy and this technique is sure to transform any piece without sanding or stripping the existing wood. Rodney McFalls explains how to do it with Varathane Wood Stain and a couple other items.
  • Varathane Master Series - How to Match Existing Finishes (:37)

    Match the finishes of different pieces of furniture with a quick coat of Varathane Wood Stain over an existing finish in a quick, easy step to give the pieces a coordinated look.
  • Varathane Master Series - How to Create a Marble Effect with Wood Stain (1:08)

    Your tabletop could have a high-end marbled-looking finish with just a few easy steps. Rodney’s techniques are easy to follow and allow you to customize or update any piece in your home.
  • Lean how to Enhance Wood Grain with Varathane Grain Enhancer - Black (0:59)

    Varathane® Wood Grain Enhancer is an easy way to add contrast to projects by creating a dual toned look within the wood grain. Create a one-of-a-kind look on bare or stained wood.
  • Varathane Tip - Edge Wear, Soften Edges, Bump and Slide (6:11)

    Wood Finishing Technique - Edge Wear, Soften Edges, Bump and Slide
  • Varathane Tip - End Grain, Season Splits, Open Join and Chipouts (5:39)

    Distressing Technique - End Grain, Season Splits, Open Joint and Chipouts
  • Varathane Tip - Worm Holing Technique (4:03)

    Distressing Technique - Worm Holing and Tracking
  • Varathane Tip - Post Finish Spatter (2:23)

    Wood Finishing Technique - Post Finish Spatter
  • Varathane Tip - Raw Wood Spatter (1:58)

    Wood Finishing Technique - Raw Wood Spatter
  • Varathane Tip - Faux Applique (4:21)

    Wood Finishing Technique - Faux Applique
  • Varathane Tip - Faux Tortoise (3:33)

    Wood Finishing Technique - Faux Tortoise
  • Varathane Tip - Faux Applique Layering (2:28)

    Wood Finishing Technique - Faux Applique Layering
  • Varathane Tip - Post Finish Cowtail (1:48)

    Wood Finishing Technique - Post Finish Cowtail
  • Varathane Tip - Gilding Tipping (3:34)

    Wood Finishing Technique - Highlight Brush Blend
  • Varathane Tip - Gilding Tipping (1:17)

    Wood Finishing Technique - Gilding Tipping
  • Varathane Tip - Dry Brush (1:39)

    Wood Finishing Technique - Dry Brush
  • Cabinet Transformations Video

    Cabinet Transformations Application Video (16:19)


    Discover the magic of transformation, as we help take outdated, worn-out cabinets and turn them into beautiful, rejuvenated focal points of your kitchen. In this how-to video, we go through the Cabinet Transformations project, in detail and step-by-step.

  • Wood Floor Transformations

    How To Apply Wood Floor Transformations (1:30)

    Wood Floor Transformations™ restores dull, scratched or scuffed wood in one weekend without sanding. Floor renewal projects have never been so easy. With state of the art, Aluminum Oxide Technology, Wood Floor Transformations brings wood and laminate floors back to life in two simple steps.