Transformations Dry Brush Technique

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Transformations Dry Brush Technique

Instructional Video


Please watch this video in its entirety before beginning your project.

Clean and Wash




Begin the cabinet preparation by deglossing the cabinets as described in the instructional video included in the Cabinet Transformations Kit.

Dry Brush 1



Bond Coat

As demonstrated in the main instructional video use a 2” angled or straight synthetic paintbrush to apply the Bond Coat to the cabinet doors. For wood cabinet doors, be sure to follow the grain. Start with all four inside corners and sides. Next, paint the center panel with long, smooth vertical strokes. For the top and bottom portions, use horizontal strokes. Once the first coat is completely dry, approximately 2-3 hours, apply a second coat.

Dry Brush 2



Prepare Brush

Load your brush with Decorative Glaze, then wipe the excess glaze onto the clean rag. This will leave a minimal amount of Glaze on the brush.

Dry Brush 3




Apply the Glaze to the cabinet doors in long strokes until all the Glaze leaves the brush. Repeat this step again until the entire door is covered. Keep the brush strokes going in the direction of the wood grain. Let the initial coat of Glaze dry to the touch. A second coat can be applied for a more dramatic effect.

Allow your cabinet doors, drawes and frames to dry overnight, a minimum of 8 hours before finishing with the Protective Top Coat.


Dry Brush Finished