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Different types of polyurethanes

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What type of polyurethane should I use?

After taking the time to prepare and stain your project, you want it to last. A protective topcoat will prevent damage from scratches, scuffs and spills. There are different top coats available based on desired appearance and protection needs. The most common interior top coat is polyurethane. Polyurethane provides a hard-shell coating that will prolong the beauty of your finished wood for years to come. Like paint, polyurethane comes in sheens, most commonly satin, semi-gloss and gloss. Sheen is a matter of personal preference. Varathane Polyurethane also offers a new matte finish. This unique flat sheen gives wood a natural look while providing the protection of traditional polyurethane. The unique soft touch feel hides fingerprints as well; perfect for surfaces used on a daily basis.